All in one uav


– Advanced UAV
– Shows ghosted players
– Shows all players on mini map
– Shows all players on big map
– Can be switched On/Off instantly


Cold war
Modern warfare


No real cheat process running, it is a external loader.
This means it is not changing any in-game data.
You simply activate a permanent in-game feature which is the uav/advanced uav

There are some reports of bans/shadowbans on warzone ( not for multiplayer ).

For multiplayer there are 0 reports of bans/shadowbans

Use of this Cheats/Tools is always on your own risk!

From all the tools out there this is the most safe one , since its no real cheat but a uav activator that will be on as long you want, however ricochet will always be updating their anticheat to track down cheats, for now this is the safest tool out there.


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