Thank you for making a purchase on our website! We massively appreciate your service and look forward to providing your Boosting service now and hopefully again in the future.

To proceed with Boosting your account, you will need to choose a timeslot that suits you. You can do this by clicking the link below.

WARNING! Not Following these instructions will result in delays or potentially cancellations that are Non-Refundable, so please follow the steps carefully.

Step 1. Booking your Appointment

Please select the correct number of games you have purchased in the booking slot. Choose eBay – 1x Boost Lobby if you purchased one game through eBay, eBay – 2x Boost Lobby if you purchased two games, etc.

If you purchased the Bosting service directly from our website,, then please select that service instead.


Please Note: 20 Minute timeslot includes matchmaking, delays, reserve time, etc. Our schedule is tight but as long as you prepare, this will not affect your booking. 

If you abuse the booking sheet, for example, you only purchased one game and you select 10x Boost Lobby, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. In general, this will result only in a delay but we cannot condone the abuse of the services.


Step 2. Choose your Provider

We operate with service providers in order to provide more flexible options when booking. If Broken Lobbies server 1 is full or does not have the timeslot you would like, check Broken Lobbies 2 to see if it is available there.

Step 3. Fill in your Details

Enter the required information on the form and be sure to enter your order number/ID and your Discord Tag in the comments section in order to ensure smooth booking without delays.

This should look like this:
eBay/Website Order Number: 12345Example
Discord: 12345Example



or if the button doesn’t work copy paste this link: (

Step 4. Set up your Discord

Once you have booked in your timeslot, you must join our Discord Server which you can do by clicking here.
From there, please add me (brokenlobbies2#5298)
15 minutes before your booking is due to start, send me your order name and booking name.

And that’s it! Get ready to level up your game, and I’ll see you on the battlefield.