Thank you for making a purchase on our website! We massively appreciate your service and look forward to providing you with the highest quality service now and hopefully again in the future.

WARNING! Not Following these instructions will result in delays or potentially cancellations that are Non-Refundable, so please follow the steps carefully.

Step 1:
Join our Discord Server by clicking here.

Step 2:
From there, please add me (brokenlobbies2#5298), I am the Brokenlobbies Admin in the server so you can either add me by finding me there or entering my tag as above.

Step 3:
Send the following message: “Hello, I bought -product name- and I want to book an appointment for it.”

Step 4:
Be patient and wait for a response. We are not bots so there are times when we may not be at the desk or in the office. We will respond as soon as possible, don’t worry.

And that’s it! Get ready to level up your game!